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  • Know about Menstrual Hygiene Management

    Know about Menstrual Hygiene Management

    Do you ever sit and ponder upon the little luxuries you enjoy when managing your period every month; access to clean water, soap, toilet paper, even pads? Because, according to research conducted by World Bank Group (WBG), at least 500 million women and girls around the world don’t. In fact, they lack some of the most basic facilities required for menstrual hygiene management (MHM)....
  • How to pick a pad?

    How to pick a pad?

    What exactly do you look for in your pad? Perhaps, the more important question is: do you look for anything at all? Or do you just step inside a store, grab a brown paper bag, quickly stuff the nearest packet of pads and dash out the store. If you do that, it’s understandable. You don’t want people staring. But do you ever stop to...
  • First Period Talk With Your Daughter

    First Period Talk With Your Daughter

    There comes a time in every mother’s life when her little girl walks through the door of womanhood. What follows then is a dilemma: should you hold her hand during this phase or should you let her fall flat and figure it out for herself? Most mothers choose the second option; through no fault of their own though. It’s what generations before them did...
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