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The minimum order amount is Rs.500.

Our delivery time is between 2-4 Working days. However, delivery can take up to 7 working days during busy shopping season or mega sales event.

We’re now delivering your favorite products all over Pakistan.
The standard delivery charges are Rs.199/- only. However, we offer FREE Shipping on all orders above Rs.2000.
We ensure that your order is concealed in discreet packaging to protect your privacy.
Using a breathable pad is imperative for personal hygiene and skin health. Butterfly Breathables are the first sanitary napkins in Pakistan that are composed of microscopic pores that allow air to pass through, keeping bacteria at bay and preventing odor, rashes and infections.
We are always looking to partner with organizations and schools to further menstrual health and hygiene awareness in Pakistan. You can reach out to us on .
Yes, there is mild fragrance in our products. Since its hypoallergenic, a very small % of fragrance is used and this is suitable for human use.
Like most brands, we do have gel in our sanitary napkin range. It is recommended to use a sanitary pad for only 4 to 5 hours in order to prevent any skin issues.
Panty liners shouldn't be used during monthly cycle. This product is primarily used for non-period discharge, light menstrual spotting that is right before or after the period.
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