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How to pick a pad?

How to pick a pad?

What exactly do you look for in your pad? Perhaps, the more important question is: do you look for anything at all? Or do you just step inside a store, grab a brown paper bag, quickly stuff the nearest packet of pads and dash out the store. If you do that, it’s understandable. You don’t want people staring. But do you ever stop to consider how those people won’t exactly suffer when you make a wrong choice. Yes, there is a right and wrong choice when it comes to picking your pads. And it’s not as simple as the brand. If you don’t pick the right pads, you will be the one dealing with the consequences. When that happens, a couple of sighs and stares wouldn’t seem so bad anymore; in fact, not knowing the quality of your pads in detail would.

Every time you’re headed out to do your period grocery, ask yourself the following questions: does my skin breakout during my period? Do I often get a rash after? Do my lady parts itch whenever I’m wearing a pad? Does the whole situation down there feel unhygienic as suggested by the odor I can smell from time to time? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the aforementioned questions then chances are you need to reconsider what you’re buying.

Most of these conditions tend to surface when your pad is just absorbent, and not necessarily breathable. Because, turns out, lack of breathability causes the already sensitive and soft skin around the vagina to react and breakout. This is not only itchy but also painful at times. To prevent such a reaction, you must ensure that your pad is breathable.

What is breathability in a pad, you may ask? Well, short answer: breathable pads are a skin saver. Long answer: breathable pads – like the Butterfly Breathable range – are equipped with microscopic pores on the back sheet which allow air to pass in and out of them. As a result, your skin has room to breathe free. And it stays safe from bacteria, rashes, breakouts and other similar skin conditions; not to mention, odorless.

So next time when you walk into a store, make it a point to find out what you’re buying. And stare down the bystanders while you’re at it. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t do research on your pads before you make a decision. Don’t let anyone knock you down. Don’t let anyone stop you from anything. Don’t let anyone suffocate your space. Most importantly, don’t let your pad keep your skin from breathing free.

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