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Busting Period Myths

Busting Period Myths

Growing up, we have often heard some strange myths surrounding our period. Most are culturally connected; hence collectively we may not even question them – but at some point, we do ask, are these myths true or not? Here are some very common myths we have heard at least once in our lives, about our menstrual cycles:

1. To exercise or not?

With years of being told to avoid exercise when on our periods we fine- tuned our mind to walk slowly and not exert ourselves during our cycle. When asked why we should avoid exercise we often get different answers; some would say our flow gets affected, whereas others say that cramping gets worse. Research shows that this is indeed just a myth, with no concrete scientific proof to support it. Contrary to what we have heard most of our lives, physical activity actually is known to relieve menstrual pain rather than worsen it - So open up your playlist and dance the pain away!

2. The Shower Embargo

The very popular myth prevails – is it bad to shower during your period? According to this myth, a woman’s period will stop if she showers during her cycle. The myth prevailed due to this fear however, those of us who took the leap of faith and finally took that shower – what did it reveal? It revealed, just like recent studies, the fact that taking baths and showers are not harmful in any way for a woman on her period. In fact, warm baths/showers are actually encouraged as they help relax your muscles and actually alleviate menstrual cramps. Furthermore, during your period it is essential to maintain hygiene so shower away without any fear!

4. Irregular Periods = Infertility Problems

An irregular period can cause a lot of panic – which is a common psychological reaction due to nature not taking its regular course of action. But exactly what does it mean to have irregular periods? First things first, to get your objective answer you must consult your gynecologist. If your period lasts for more than 7 days, the gap between your cycle is less than 21 or more than 35 days. Despite the underlying cause of irregularity, don’t lose hope! There are lifestyle changes that can be made to improve your symptoms; and absolutely does not instantly mean that you have problems with infertility.

5. She’s just PMSing

Ouch! This is a very sensitive topic for most women. Women’s bodies are constantly going through hormonal changes, not just during the 5-7 days of our menstrual cycle, but the rest of the month as well. The fact is: PMS IS REAL! Women work, socialize and live with their bodies constantly undergoing change – from cramping, bloating, nausea, fluctuating body temperatures to frequently changing sanitary napkins. Undergoing a period is not easy no matter how old or young you may be. We, at Butterfly, realize the struggle and that is why we aim to develop quality and comfort driven products that can make this process slightly easier for women.