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Period hacks and some real talk! Read on ahead to get the best tricks to conquer your period blues.

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If there’s anything women hate while travelling, more than periods, it has got to be non-period daily discharge. That discomfort that one feels down there isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world. So mu


5 things every girl on her period can relate to

Bleeding once a month for a woman is a natural process. In fact, I can go as far as saying it’s a supernatural one. Exhibit A: how many men do you know who can bleed for a week, every month, without complaining? In


Cloth vs pad what is the more hygienic choice

To be able to choose between a cloth and pad is a privilege that most women of third world countries do not possess. Courtesy of period poverty, many resort to using rags, banana leaves, feathers, mattress stuffing an


Is breathability in a pad just as important as absorbency

What exactly do you look for in your pad? Perhaps, the more important question is: do you look for anything at all? Or do you just step inside a store, grab a brown paper bag, quickly stuff the nearest packet of pads


Know about Menstrual Hygiene Management

Do you ever sit and ponder upon the little luxuries you enjoy when managing your period every month; access to clean water, soap, toilet paper, even pads? Because, according to research conducted by World Bank Group (


First period talk with your daughter

If you don’t, who will? There comes a time in every mother’s life when her little girl walks through the door of womanhood. What follows then is a dilemma: should you hold her hand during this phase or sho