Butterfly Ultra Large | Butterfly Ultra Extra Large

Butterfly Ultra Large
Nice and soft and very discreet, Butterfly Ultra ® gives you Triple C property, making you feel cool, comfortable and confident. Triple C protection gives you:
  • 6-8 hours of protection.
  • Breaks regular to heavy flow with High Absorb Gel®.
  • Dry Shield® layer prevents skin from irritation and keeps you feeling fresh.
  • Long wings fixes pad in place.
Butterfly Ultra Extra Large
We make sure nights stay as comfortable as you days. Butterfly Ultra Extra Large gives you Triple C property of staying cool, comfortable and confident, for day and night time use. The extra large napkin gives you:
  • Protection for heavy flow days and night time.
  • Mega absorbency to last longer while you get ample sleep.
  • Complete leakage protection with High Absorb Gel®.
  • Extra long wings stretched to keep napkin in place.