Butterfly Premium Ultra
New Butterfly Premium Ultra gives you a choice of 3 premium napkins.

Not just different lengths, but different depths, widths & lining to meet your absorbency needs.

Each contains High-Absorb gel technology to lock leaks & give you X 3 more protection than the ordinary napkin.

That's why nothing keeps you cool, comfortable & confident like Butterfly Premium Ultra.
  • 3 different sizes to match your changing needs
  • X 3 more protection with Hi-Absorb Gel® and unique leak lock technology
  • Dry-Fresh® Top Sheet breaks down heavy flow while material next to skin stays clean
  • Per-Fit Wings® keeps napkin in place and allows complete freedom of movement
  • Colorful napkins for colorful people

Great for day to day house work, the gym or even long distance travel

Download Butterfly Premium Ultra's great Info Booklets matching your unique needs!