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My Body

When Shakespeare wrote ‘7 stages of life’, he meant it. Life is constantly two steps ahead of the fastest of us and at every turn it catches us by surprise with a new change. 4 new Kg’s on the weighing machine, shiny new pimple smack in the middle of your forehead, another wrinkle or worse grey hair!

Yes, life moves very fast and if you don’t embrace change you will be left behind. Bad news is change is difficult to accept but that silver lining behind the cloud screams ‘preparation = contentment’.

The formula to a great future is to have a careful present. That does not mean you go overboard with all the skin care products you credit card allows you to purchase or spend ridiculous hours running on a static machine! It only means adding small simple practices into your routine to take care of your body so that you remain healthy and look great through out the years to come.

In each edition of Flutter, our Bi-monthly newsletter you’ll be suggested a new simple practice to a good looking future!

For now let’s look at 5 fundamental areas and basic practices to take care of each.

What Goes In - Diet and Nutrition
Bottom’s Up! - Fluid and Health
Working Out; Works Out! - Fitness and Exercise
Show Some Skin - Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts
Prepare, Rerpair and Remain - Honest Hair Care
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